Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bus has left Baltimore and is on the way to Silver Spring...

Their ETA at Blair is 1:00-1:15 am.

Bus on the way to Baltimore Washington Area

Their new ETA for Baltimore is around 12:00 am which makes their ETA for Blair 1:00 am.

I apologize for the late arrival. I am sure the timing is an inconvenience and I appreciate your patience very much.

Bus arriving in Philly Now

The bus arrived at Gratz College around 9:45 pm.They will be on the road again soon. Once they are I will have an ETA for Baltimore and Silver Spring.

Bus to Philly/Baltimore/D.C. 90 min from Philly stop

Due to traffic leaving the city in New York and the late start the group is still about 90 minutes from Gratz College. 

New ETA at Gratz: 9:30 pm 

Bus To Philly And D.C. Is On Their Way

The bus to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Silver Spring is running late. They did not leave the airport until 6:10. I will keep you posted on their location and their ETA. 

All Americans and Canadians Through Security

All the Americans with connecting flights are through security and on their way home. 

The Canadian group to Vancouver and Victoria is also through in Toronto. 

Landed In North America!

Both the New York and Toronto groups have landed and we are waiting for them to come through security. More updates on the connections to come.